Our Mission

We create meaningful, personalised event designs with our carefully curated hire collection.

We’re designers of romantic, authentic weddings and events, tailored to your style. We don’t do textbook, we’re not slaves to trends. We believe in personality, quirkiness and doing things your own way. Every piece in our collection is carefully hand-selected to add depth to your styling and nothing is added unless it’s made its way into our hearts first.

Our services include event design, styling and hire. Our gold star delivery service takes care of everything for you. Based in Geebung in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, our service area includes the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Toowoomba and all areas in between.


Tisa Davey - Event Designer & Founder

I’m passionate about love, life and big dreams, which is why I love weddings and events so much. I believe life should be celebrated and shared, especially those significant moments like finding the love of your life, birthdays and milestones!

For me, it’s all about creating connections and I believe events are an amazing way to do that through shared experiences and stories. They bring people together to create memories and gather in a way we often don’t now days.

On the subject of creating memories, I think it’s important that those memories be unique to you, your life and your style. Tradition can be a great thing when it suits but if it doesn’t feel right then it’s time to make a new tradition don’t you think? In other words, your celebration needs to sit right with you and no-one else but you.

Why vintage? I think there’s a special charm, character and style to vintage pieces that can’t be replicated by modern alternatives. Vintage works well with other styles and can either stand out or fit in depending on your vision. Vintage never gets old!

Todd Davey - Founder

For me, vintage is elegant beauty that is timeless and brings out the regal warmth of times that inspired so many new and creative ideas that changed the world.  The craftsmanship of the furniture and décor items from these times can only be admired and respected.  This is why I love vintage the way I do and why it stands the test of time. When I sit on one of our exquisite lounges I often wonder who made it, who has used it, what stories could it tell…


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We are adding more products regularly, so if you don't find what you are looking for please check back again tomorrow or email us at sales@momentsinvintage.com.au Dismiss